To help you effectively deliver your organizational transformation, coaching is an excellent means of guidance that empowers your managers to mobilize and act as situation controllers. That lets them build up their skills and adopt positive attitudes, consolidating their remaining gains. Coaching is thus a development accelerator.

E3’s coaching offering places it exclusively in the management coaching niche. Designed specifically for managers, this coaching empowers them to better make your transformation a reality.

E3’s team is made up of trained, certified coaches with a solid background in transformation. Our coaches follow a proven, results oriented, systemic approach, aligned with your business vision and strategies.

We advocate a comprehensive coaching approach, where each manager’s growth targets are aligned with those of the organization and set down in an agreement between the manager, his superior and the coach. Our coaches exploit managers’ strengths to foster awareness and surface ways for them to fully assume their responsibilities in the transformation. Such empowerment grows their potential in both knowledge and people skills.

A successful transformation needs more than skills: it entails a real grasp of the human issues. Doing that means mobilizing, influencing and assuming positive, agile leadership. Our coaching approach considers that fact that those skills are not innate and encourages their growth. E3’s coaches use innovative techniques that help managers anchor those behaviors in their activities.

E3’s approach to coaching exposes your managers to best practices and makes them easier to integrate by tailoring them to your context. Your managers are thus better equipped to anticipate the impacts of the changes, mitigate the issues and involve the right people, the right way and at the right time.

Our management coaching approach makes your managers transformation controllers and creates long-lasting behavioral benefits.